Hesketh Media proudly manages the following talent across South Africa and Internationally.

Matthew Willman

Matthew Willman is a documentary photographer, author & Inspirational speaker.

Cherona D

Cherona D works with organizations to amplify their communication, connection and confidence.

Rusty Labuschagne

Rusty is an Inspirational speaker on leadership, adversity and resilience as a Freedom Warrior.

Mallence Bart-Williams

Mallence shared a truth that not only deeply resonated with people across the globe.

Jabu Zwane

Jabu Zwane is a Mindset Development Specialist and Global Speaker, Facilitator and trainer.

Cindy Norcott

Cindy is a sought-after motivational speaker, business trainer, business coach and best-selling author.

Chris Bertish

Chris is an International Inspirational Speaker who move audiences through resilience.

Femi Adebanji

Femi speaks on Customer Service, Leadership and Motivation.

Mummy Mthembu-Fawkes

Mummy Mthembu-Fawkes is the epitome of entrepreneurial excellence and leadership.

Travis Gale

Travis is a motivational speaker on resilience and adversity.

Brett StClair

Brett is a leading mind on Digital transformation and digital trust.

Landie Stevens

Landie is passionate about coaching, training, growing and equipping Sales Managers and Business Owners.

Mimi Nicklin

Mimi is an experienced marketer and communications specialist, a well-known empathetic leader

Colin Iles

Colin develops executive strategies for leadership, strategy and culture.

Dr. Brenda Hattingh

Dr. Brenda Hattingh is committed to inspiring, helping, and assisting individuals.

Tania Habimana

Tania Habimana is an entrepreneur on digital innovation and SME development in Africa.

Don Packett

Don is a Raconteur, Virtual MC, coach, professional speaker, author, MC and comedian.

Mike Sharman

Mike Sharman has made more brands ‘go viral, globally’ than any other agency in Africa.

Ian Russell

Ian Russell is a speaker, author, independent freelance business advisor and consultant.

Ntsiki Mkhize

Ntsiki is passionate about working with individuals and teams to inspire, connect and empower them.

Guy Lundy

Guy is a leading macro futurist on future trends impacting Africa.

Arabile Gumede

Arabile Gumede is a financial journalist covering remarkable feats and interrogative work.

Enkromelle Andrew

Enkromelle uses unconventional thinking to come up with new, fresh and ground-breaking strategies.

Prof Jonathan Jansen

Prof Jansen speaks on ethics, education and leadership.

Kevin Fine

Kevin Fine has a 25 year career of Executive Leadership, National Broadcasting, Brand Management.

Kate Moodley

Kate is an accomplished business woman with a number of academic qualifications which includes a

Grant Gavin

Grant is a phenomenal business coach, speaker on entrepreneurship, sales and leadership.

Richard Poplak

Richard Poplak is an award-winning author, journalist, and filmmaker.

Dr Michael Mol

Dr Mol is a health expert speaker focusing on wellness within organisations and their teams.

Nastassia Arendse

Nastassia is an International Virtual and live Emcee, Host and Facilitator.

Llewellyn Devereaux

Llewellyn is a Strategy/Innovation Consultant, Best-selling Author, Global Speaker.

Naledi Moleo

Naledi is an accomplished TV presenter, virtual emcee and facilitator

Grant Fowlds

Grant Fowlds is one of the leading conservationist, speakers in Southern Africa.

Pieter Geldenhuys

Pieter is a renowned Futurist, Academic, Innovation expert with a MBA in Technology Strategy.

Joni Peddie

As a Behavioral Strategist, her fascination lies in working with people from around the world.

Kirsten Landman

Kirsten finished the Dakar Rally and became the 1st ever African to finish the Rally.

Ambassador Tony Leon

Ambassador Tony Leon is an author, Keynote speaker and consultant in both front-line South African

Raymond de Villiers

Raymond helps corporate understand how trends Strategy, Leadership and your Organisation.

Pierre du Plessis

Pierre understands how to leverage ancient wisdom in order to solve modern business challenges.

Mike Saunders

Mike focuses on how people and business can succeed in a digital world.

Lisa Linfield

Lisa is an Author and Keynote Speaker. Her passion is to teach women about mindset.

Juanita Vorster

Juanita is an exceptional leadership and strategy Keynote/Virtual Speaker.

Colin J Browne

Colin helps organisations of all sizes to increase employee engagement, performance and loyalty.

Dr Imtiaz Sooliman

Dr Imtiaz Sooliman was born in Potchefstroom, in South Africa’s North West Province, on 07

Hanli Prinsloo

Hanli Prinsloo speaks with animation and passion about freedom, fear, risk and purposeful living.

David Grier

David is an International Inspirational Speaker and Author on resilience.

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