Ep 2: How to build resilience. Peter van Kets

The ability to persevere is known as the most common factor found among successful people and businesses. To be resilient in our current environment will mean that we are able to adapt to the radical changes we are facing. Resilience is like a muscle. It needs to be built and trained if you want it to be strong. In this presentation, Peter speaks about his expedition experiences and methods for building resilience in your own life.



“This pandemic is a catalyst for change. It can be our greatest blessing or our greatest curse. Which will it be? We will look back on history, (our personal history and that of the planet) a decade from now an account, a narrative, will document the story of what transpired during and after this storm.  We get to craft that story.  What will it be?” Peter Van Kets



Join Peter in a 15 minute talk where he shares his experiences of Resilience lessons he learnt through his countless Adventures and how we can apply this in today’s world.



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Start: June 3, 2020 @ 12:30 pm
Category: Motivational, Peter van Kets
Duration: 30
Timezone: Africa/Johannesburg

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